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Blocked rooms

We have reserved a block of 25 rooms at the Saga Motor Hotel near Caltech (1633 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106) from April 26 to May 2. The hard deadline for booking a room in this block is April 8. After that date, the blocked rooms will be released, so they may or may not still be available after April 8. The reduced rates (per night, excluding taxes and fees) for the blocked-off rooms are below:

Room type (number available) Weekend rate for 04/26 - 04/28 Rate for 04/29 - 05/02
Single (full-size bed) (10) $115 $105
King (10) $125 $115
Double (2x full-size bed) (5) $135 $125

The above rates are for a single person. Each additional person is $10/night more. Please note that the rooms are on either 2nd or 3rd floor and there is no elevator service.

Please call (626) 795 0431 to reserve the rooms or book directly on the website at If booking online, please enter "LISASprint" in the Special Requirements box to apply the reduced rates (the price will not update when booking, but you will be emailed a confirmation with the revised rates). This does not work as a "discount code" on the website.

Other hotels

There are a number of motels in Pasadena, several within walking distance of Caltech. Many local motels offer discounted rates to Caltech visitors (usually by phone if you ask, but not via the internet). Various options include:

Also, airbnb typically offers several rooms in town.