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Available Code and Data

COSMIC, Katie Breivik

COSMIC is a binary population synthesis code that can be used to produce Galactic populations of close double white dwarfs (and also all other phases of binary evolution).

Code | Documentation

Data from Thiele et al. 2023, Katie Breivik

The results.hdf dataset contains resolved binaries as computed by LEGWORK, but if folks are interested, I can re-run the pipeline to get the set of binary parameters (m1,m2,forb,sky position,distance). We didn't originally include them in the release since the file sizes can become unwieldy.

Data | Documentation

LISA Response Code, Ilaria Caporali

A simple code to evaluate LISA response function for tensor, vector and scalar modes.


LISA Analysis Tools, Michael Katz

Many LISA data analysis tools and output catalogs; see the LAT workshop for information.


LDC2A output catalogs from Erebor (Katz+) (can analyze with lisacattools):

ldasoft and lisacattools, Tyson Littenberg

ldasoft is a C library for LISA data processing, including samplers for UCBs (blind and targeted searches), instrument noise models, and a global UCB+MBH+noise sampler.

Code | Documentation

lisacattools is a python package for visualization of prototype LISA catalogs.

Code | Documentation

bhpwave, Zachary Nasipak

A Python-based waveform generator for quasi-circular extreme-mass-ratio inspirals with rotating massive black holes.

Code | Documentation

LISA Data Challenges